29 June 2011

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24 June 2011

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Double chin

22 June 2011

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19 June 2011

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Whiplash injury

17 June 2011

Jungle City

Elephant Family, who organised 'Elephant Parade London 2010' which I contributed last year, 
is now planning a new project 'Jungle City' taking place in Edinburgh this year.

then I've done mine!

Elephant Parade London 2010

Elephant Parade was about conservation for Asian Elephant but Jungle City covers more animals facing extinction and rapid loss of habitat.
The animals are Elephants, Tigers, Orangutans, Crocodiles and Hornbills.

150 painted animal sculptures by different artists will be installed in streets in Edinburgh this Summer. They will be auctioned and the profits will be used for conservation of those animals.

I did an Orangutan.

made a charaacter called 'Sho-Jo' and applied it on the sculpture.

In Japanese, orangutan is sometimes called 'shojo', which comes from Chinese legendary animal, and it's written as '猩猩' . This Chinese character '猩' consists of 'Star' & 'Beast' so I tried to make an animal who has stars on its body.

The appearance was inspired by this illustration of shojo. from Wikipedia

Features of Sho-Jo

・Male has stars on the right ear. Female has on the left ear.
・One star counts 100 years old.
・Under 100 years old is a kid called 'unstared'.
・Have no forefeet. Use ears to grab objects.

Photos of the details.

with him.

I thought it's finished but actually they want me to add something on the background because it's too pale and doesn't stand out in streets.
will post again when it's done!

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Wraparound ears giant