30 August 2010


29 August 2010


went to COMICA last Sunday.

I joined Joe's table. The members were Joe, me & Geoff (ZEEL). Rare conbination.

There were some people and works I've seen some events like zine fairs before. Small world.
People who love similar kind of things come to the same place, talk, look at & buy their works, see new people. I always enjoy those events.

I saw Lizz there and she kindly liked my works and bought some. Also wrote about me on her blog.Thanks Lizz.
I've seen her works somewhere before. I liked her cat's face and remembered it strongly. Nice to meet.

22 August 2010

Conversations project

I'm currently doing internship at Frinton Press (helping their wrapping paper project) and got a chance to do another project with them. The project is drawing collaborative post cards with Benjamin Phillips, who draws nice pictures.

He's from Brighton and I've seen him a couple of time at some events.
I could choose an artist working with me by myself so I chose him.

In the project 'Conversations', I draw a picture first and then pass it to him, he draws another image on top of my image, he draws second one and then I draw on top of it, repeat those.
The theme is Predator & Prey. I take Prey with blue, and Ben takes Predator with orange.

find more on Frinton Press blog.

Below are the drawings.

They will be screen-printed.

5 August 2010

didn't know..

he's wearing sandals.