23 December 2009

The Times

My illustration is in OKIDO's page in The Times today!


Introducing the easy binding.

My name as well.

with Peter Rabbit!

16 December 2009

Elephant's completed!

I've finished painting the elephant for Elephant Parade 2010!

I realised that applying 2D design to 3D thing is so difficult.

Creatures call names of elephant's body parts.
The pink colour of this photo isn't good.

This colour looks much similar.

I wasn't allowed writing 'ass hole' so I put my name on it.

'elephant' on the place of penis.

Elephant & me.

I took a photo again cause I wasn't smiling, then my face was cropped.

8 December 2009


I joined a show of a graffiti artist called 'Pochoir' as decorating the wall of the Adidas shop with some artists.

His collaborated shoes with Adidas.

Couldn't see the wall well at the party.

So I went to the shop again on the next day.

My picture is on the brochure as well!

On the day I got a call from Joe, one of my classmates, to invite me to help an advertising company 'Wieden+Kennedy'. The project was to draw 4 different styled hands by 4 different artists for an idea of Nokia's advertisement to present to Nokia. Joe, me, Tom and Emma did together.

We had to finish it until the end of the day. I thought a company's 'the end of the day' means 5 or 6 pm but actually did mean exactly the end of the day and we finally finished at 2 am. That was hard.

But because it's a big company, the treatment was really nice. It was a high paid job, they paid ₤100 easily for art materials, there were free cokes, provided delicious delivery foods, hired taxi to home, the studio was luxury and we played table tennis there.

This studio is just a part of the building. I experienced working at a rich company.

The idea was that when 4 hands come together on the centre of the canvas, another pattern on each hand will be connected and become a mark.

I drew this.

I did the pattern as well.




Between the job, I went to a print exhibition which Zeel joined. The works made me want to make more stamps.

25 November 2009


I got a domain 'www.sojutanaka.com'.

It's currently just a page linking to Zhibit website. The domain is applied to a Blogger page and I deleted every Blogger element. Even icon is original!
The icon of this blog has been changed as well. another colour-

24 November 2009

Adidas shop in Carnaby Street

An artist who is painting another elephant invited me to a project to paint on the wall of Adidas shop in Carnaby Street. I did work on paper and it will be glued on the wall.

This is the piece. 75cm×75cm。

Seems I like this character very much. Now I'm gonna use this for a college project 'Different Formats'.
The project was very open and I could do draw anything but I put Adidas trainers on him anyway.

This is the first one before Candy Floss Boy.

I spent whole day to get paper outside and draw until midnight but I stopped drawing in the middle of process because the composition, the line, and the colours are all bad. Finally I drew simply with black and white on brown paper which has been in my room and the result was nice.
Design (Selection) is difficult to find and reach the achievement even if it is just a simple thing. I think a person who does it naturally and just with sense is a genius.

Paul showed me an image of the brochure of the Adidas event and the biography of me was 'I like to draw and sleep.', one in 'About' section on my website. The organiser of Brighton exhibition used that as well. It's funny people take the very short non-energy bio.

This is the very small version of the picture. I can do better on small scale

Old man or woman with plastic bag hat.