28 March 2010

OKIDO Shop closed down

OKIDO shop is now closed. I took the exhibition down.

We played with balloons which were in the large puppets.
The exhibition was enjoyable even after taking down. wow.

Emil's favorite.

nice posture.

20 March 2010


one more new zine.

19 March 2010

Zine at Easter Fair

A quick made collaborative zine at today's Easter Fair.

The theme was given by Bryony.

Actually seemed no one except me was so interested in doing this..


Bryony & Pete

Chie & Jade

Hannah & Meg

Captain Jordan

The sale was nice.

18 March 2010

Moomin exhibition curated by Paul Gravett

Paul Gravett curated an exhibition of Moomin.

What a interesting show! I'll definitely go! However, it's actually in Belgium.... Should I go this summer?

I didn't know Tove Jansson has illustrated Alice & The Hobbit.


15 March 2010

2nd elephant for Elephant Parade

2nd elephant for Elephant Parade is done!

I didn't have much time so the design was so simple.
It took just for 3 days.


Elephant's rear legs look the character's legs as well.
Odd balance.

As you look at closer...

more inside

on the bottom

on th belly...

my sign "そ".

looks like character's penis.

This is the original design but I had new ideas while I was painting and changed a bit.
Please look at the fingers carefully.

Where am I looking at?

My first elephant is here.

11 March 2010

some competitions

For competition of the cover Pica Pica Magazine, which will be published by LCC students.

I wasn't chosen. There were just 15 submissions, but the winner and runner-ups are not good. totally not.
Yes, I think mine was much better.


By the way, this image is drawn separately in colour like to be ready for screen-printing.
Then scanned and combined in Photoshop.
I think this method worked well, with not only printing actually.
the slight gaps due to scanning fault is interesting as well, like ones with actual screen-printing.

These are submission for Nobrow competition.
Theme was 'People I've never met' & 'Conversations I've never had'

My bio is now on the website of the art event in Saga, Japan.
with Rupert-


8 March 2010

Workshop at OKIDO shop

The workshop was very successful.

We enjoyed very much!

Chie's naked mole rat & my blue boy in cable car.

The cable car and the balloon are from our zine 'HAPPY TRAVELLERS'. and ship too.

with Peter's kids.

Alex played accordion.

I was glad that kids enter the ship and played.

Boys went to sweet shop again & again.

Many puppets hung with ones by kids.

This cable car was low and annoying everyone.

We were so happy and enjoyed playing with kids. So many klids came and play with us. It was amazing!

OKIDO shop will be closed down this month but this is such a precious place where people come and enjoy together.

Anyway I'm pleased!