27 March 2011


I made the game section of my website easier.
If you found it too difficult last time, try it again!

23 March 2011

Art/Book/Print sale at Hatch Space

There is an art sale at Hatch Space in Deptford this Friday 25th.

My zines will be sold at the event.  LBT badges there as well.

All profits from this event will be donated to Japan.

Please come and enjoy drink and art!

Unit A.104/6
Faircharm Trading Estate
8 - 12 Creekside

Print Okushon

My print 'CANDY FLOSS' is available at Print Okushon for donation to Japan.
Please bid!


21 March 2011

Pick Me Up

I'll be at Pick Me Up to do live drawing at It's Nice That section.

10am - 2.30pm on 24th and 27th.

20 March 2011


My game is in new Anorak magazine!

19 March 2011

For Japan, we've been thinking

To donate to Japan, we've been thinking what we can do for them.

Firstly, 4 young Japanese artists made badge sets and are selling them some places.
100% profits will be donated to Japan through British Red Cross.
Please visit here to see details.
Contributors are me, and

Secondly, we will have an event selling donated artworks and books by artists and publishers.
Me, Chie, Pete, Natsumi and Jordan are planning it with using our experiences of zine sales, etc.
All profits will be donated to Japan too.
Confirmed contributors so far:
and us!

Thirdly, a website Print Okushon is doing nice print auction of artists' prints for donation to Japan. I'll donate a print as well. If you are artist in UK, please donate a print. If not, please bid and buy!

16 March 2011

From Goku & Arare

Yes! Let's make Genki-dama!

The more you play this video, the more money goes to help Japan.

14 March 2011

people are saving electricity for them

Dear Japan

Let's band together!

From Soju & Natsumi

8 March 2011

Pancake Day

Today is Pancake day (Shrove Tuesday).

I did an illustration for Rowse honey website.

This was first one I did.

This was the second one as they demand.

Then finally that.

I see.

5 March 2011

Open Studio

I'm sharing a working space with Natsumi Zama and Chie Miyazaki in Hatch Space.
Thare are some artists using separate rooms in there but only we are sharing with 3 people, so it looks dense.

Anyway we had Open Studio last week. There were many visitors more than what I expected.
We sold zines, talked with people, had a nice evening.

Film was showed in the central exhibition space.

Granma, granpa, and their grandkids watched my animation 'CREATURES' carefully, and laughed. I was glad to see that.

2 March 2011

OKIDO in Moleskinarie

Japanese Moleskine fan site picked up OKIDO.