13 February 2009


Happily, my animation 'combustion' was chosen to be displayed in XHIBIT 09 in the gallery at Davies Street.

This is the second time. The first time, last year, was animation as well.

anyway I'm glad-

9 February 2009

moor print

printed for the final piece on Friday.

I used lots of base to mix the colour then it became very pale and transparent. It was paler than what I expected, though, I wanted to make the third colour and it worked with using base.

a technician said it looks like old-fashion. That's what I wanted to so I was glad.

I couldn't finish the cover so doing again on Monday.

8 February 2009

some references

I like the fluorescent jacket

plastic hard hat

Louis Vuitton bag

Louis vuitton rubbish bag

6 February 2009


I made a zine for zine sale.

this is screen-printed. it's also to practice screen-printing for the penny dreadful project. I wanted make third colour but couldn't actually. maybe trying 'base' next time.

3 February 2009



this is the character in the story.

I tried to make it look like japanese goblin. using brush pen and soaked ink from it by water.

for 'dead eyes' I referred goat's eyes finally. not meaning their eyes are dead though.

and hands I referred giant otter's hands.

2 February 2009


some references of printing