23 December 2008


animation about combustion

2 December 2008


I had a show at Rat Records in Camberwell with some classmates.
it was amusing. doing some activity with people is very enjoyable.

and, one of my work was sold! surprising. I didn't have enough satisfaction though.

the work is this. 'The man who doesn't need sheep.'

12 November 2008

Ron Mueck

At British Museum, this was my first time to look at actual Ron Mueck's sculpture.
It was amazing. Well well made.

His works look very realistic but I think he magnifies some parts of the body a bit. That might show the sculptures more interesting and uncanny.

As I see the back side of the work, I found that he made whole teeth even though some are hidden behind the lips.

There was a special exhibition about new coins of England. I was so excited.

Fiction project

I made hardback book in which two stories run. The selection of scenes and texts is based on changes of two characters' mind.

The stories proceed parallel on separated pages.

There is only one page (scene) that two pages (stories) are connected.

10 November 2008

sheep I made during summer holiday.

16 April 2008


I set up my website.

8 February 2008

Sidney Sime

I went to an exhibition 'The Age of Enchantment' at Dulwich Picture Gallery.
I encountered a really good illustrator, Sidney H. Sime.
Strange creatures he drew are so nice.

4 February 2008

walking cat

a material to observe how four-leg animal walks

2 February 2008


animated images I refered to.
third one is funny.

Australian desert animal

an Australian desert animal that I used in the animation.

His Desert

animation for Story project

1 February 2008

comic actor

at British Museum