31 July 2011

V&A Friday Late Tote Bags


I was taking part of V&A Friday Late last night.

The workshop was to chat with customer about the design and draw on bag there immediately.

I was working with Julia Pott & Eight Years.

'Handstand' & word 'EXPRESSION'. She requested with her detailed drawing.

He wanted a present for his sister who likes bakery. 
This woman is half Japanese & half Swedish and speaks a bit of Japanese. She requested a word 'おいしい' (delicious) in speech babble. and Big Ben.

She said 'no idea' for all of my questions. and then I asked what she had for lunch. She said 'rice'. I asked 'with what?' She answered 'mm.. oh chicken!' 
So finally 'Rice' & 'Chicken'

'Spiral' & 'Dragon'

Collaboration with this girl who loves horse.
Her addition of hair to my characters are so funny and nice!
Lines around the character on the right are parts of 'a horse picture behind him'.

Nice pose.

Request of 'Cockroach' & free drawing on the back side.


'Giraffe' & 'Swordfish'

for V&A.

fo V&A. Cookie & muffin again.

Most visitors wanted to draw by themselves and it became chaos.

Some people were drawing on the floor.

28 July 2011

doodle 27


doodle 26


26 July 2011

doodle 25

Waistcoat Ogre

V&A Friday Late + Record Jacket Exhibition

This Friday I'll be at V&A's event 'Friday Late' to do a workshop. from 18.30.
As discussing about the design with a customer, I draw on a tote bag.

That's interesting.
I've never done such a things before so hope this would be a good experience for me.

And also I'm showing my record jacket at an exhibition in the shop 'Alice to Mamenoki' in Tokyo.
If you have chance to be in Tokyo, please have a look. until 28th August.
They'll be closed from 2nd - 7th Aug.

Alice to Mamenoki
3-57-3 Koenji-Minami, Suginami-ku

25 July 2011

doodle 24


21 July 2011

doodle 23

Chicken arms

20 July 2011

doodle 22


19 July 2011

doodle 21


18 July 2011

doodle 20

Nice hairstyle

17 July 2011

doodle 19


16 July 2011


Elna the sewing-machine needle.

15 July 2011

doodle 18

No neck

13 July 2011

SOY record jacket


I'll show my work in an exhibition of record jacket at zine/art shop in Tokyo.

I made a imagenary record of SOY, my band in Japan.
The title is 'PURPLE JUICE'

There is a story behind it.
A spirit who drinks Purple Juice of the Soy Bean in the dangerous world out of the safe forest will be a member of SOY band.

Can you guess what Purple Juice is?



inside. members of SOY.

vocalist of SOY

bassist of SOY

guitarist of SOY

drummer of SOY

These portraits are based on the photos of the original record.

The record is bread's album 'Baby I'm-a Want You'.
Soft rock band of 70s.

6 July 2011

Jungle City - Orangutan revised

I finally finished painting the orangutan sculpture for Jungle City 2011.
It looks much better now I think.

Previous version is here.

Orangutan is living on a tree so I added trees and the enemy clouded leopards called 'UMPYO' in Japanese.


The outcome is this.

There was a photo shooting for their catalogue.

It was interesting opportunity. I was jumping a lot!

These photographers were really creative people. 
It was like I'm one of the team member. I enjoyed!