23 October 2009


ZEEL gave me a super nice card.

drawing of me is funny. with sheep.

Orson drew for me as well!

I was so happy.


18 October 2009

OKIDO 10 Launch Party

I went to the launch party of OKIDO issue 10. It was at Doodle Bar in Battersea. Everyone can doodle anywhere in the bar. The situation that children were playing and doodling freely reminded me my childhood. I enjoyed doodling very much as well.
And I didn't know then though, I missed a puppet show early in the party. I came too late!

15 October 2009


I'll have a book launch party. Details are below.

Friday 16 October
11 Hoxton Square N1 6NU

The screen-printed book is published by CLEAR EDITION.

Recently I've been working for this book. I printed 500 copies. It means that I did over 4000 squeezing! It was so hard. Wasn't fun.

It is now sold at bookartbookshop, KK OUTLET, and DONLON BOOKS.

The cover is this.

Sold as packed in an envelope with a badge.

I also sell badges at the party.


Surprisingly, I did 1 page of OKIDO magazine!
My little drawings are on the cover as well.

And on the flyer.

I was surprised when I see the printed one.

Colours are missing? I gave them some colour variations but they finally decided colouring just tears with consideration of colour balance of whole book. They didn't tell me about that.
I prefer colour one though, kids can paint it, OK!