9 December 2010

Elephant Parade - Auction

This was in Summer again.
The auction of Elephant Parade London 2010.

During the period, all elephants were gathered in The Royal Hospital Chelsea ground. The view was great.

with balloons.

saw people who were painting elephants at the same studio.

Venue of the auction.

delicious gorgeous snacks.

Then auction started. It was like a storm. The guy was great.

Pink elephant was sold for £11,000
Blue one was £10,250.

hope this helps the Asian elephant even a bit.

Elephant Family staffs did the job with just 11 people. Amazing!

I talked to a girl who bid for my pink elephant again and again but finally didn't win and cried. She is a good collector and has Andy Warhol's print in her room. wow. She was with nice pink shirt grandfather.



These were the other viewing day. It was very hot day but so many people came.

Blue elephant 'Whisper' is now in a huge ground!

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