15 March 2010

2nd elephant for Elephant Parade

2nd elephant for Elephant Parade is done!

I didn't have much time so the design was so simple.
It took just for 3 days.


Elephant's rear legs look the character's legs as well.
Odd balance.

As you look at closer...

more inside

on the bottom

on th belly...

my sign "そ".

looks like character's penis.

This is the original design but I had new ideas while I was painting and changed a bit.
Please look at the fingers carefully.

Where am I looking at?

My first elephant is here.


Jordan said...

Soju this is amazing! I really love it. Such a simple idea - the best ideas always are. And brilliantly executed as well.

Congratulations. I want this elephant in my house...

soju said...

Oh thanks Jordan!

So glad to hear that. please buy it for elephant conservation-