31 October 2011

Book of Moleskine

Finally received the book of Moleskine notebook from Japan.
I'm in this!

Nice binding, lots of picture, colourful layout, and nice font.

Available to buy online here.

23 October 2011


2nd day for me of the live drawing.
There were many visitors perhaps because it was Saturday.

Sign we did.

Drawings from Saturday. Click an image & use arrow key to look.

Bo NIngen. (one of my favorite tracks)

'Ash' by Thee Michelle Gun Elephant. (one of my favorite tracks)

On the front window.

drawing drawing.

The event will continue until Monday. There will be more on the wall!

You can see the photo of the wall here, which is updated every day. You can zoom in to individual drawings and also listen to the track .

22 October 2011


Drawings and photos from today's live drawing at DEEZER MUSIC WALL.

This is the venue.

We illustrate people's favorite tracks & the reason on coloured cards.
The cards will be put on the wall.

Cards done by yesterday.

Drawings I did.
Easier to look through if you click an image & use arrow key.

At the beginning I coudn't do well but gradually got used to.

Kyle, drawing next to me was actually from Camberwell too, 1 year below me.
I liked his drawing.

Now much more.

Will do that again tomorrow!