21 June 2010


Last week was the last chance to use the printmaking studio at college.

I printed many copies of etching I did ages ago as I didn't have any copies of that on Tuesday, and new lithograph print on Friday.
It was third time to try lithography including induction. I still hadn't been good at it.

The technicians would teach us if we ask, but not very friendly to students, even though they talk and laugh each other very much.

HOWEVER, Simon was unexpectedly kind on Friday.
He gave me good quality paper as 'early Christmas present', new plate as I made mistake on the first one,
and gave students, who's been doing printing a lot, a book about prints.

I didn't expect such a kindness.
Did he tried to be a kind teacher finally?

As I said thank you, he was expressionless though..

By the way, replica of blue elephant was like this. funny.

Elephants have been removed from the locations already.

letter press printed invitation of the show. nice one.

13 June 2010

OKIDO new house

I visited OKIDO's new house.

There were roses surrounding the front door. They didn't know that until flowers bloomed.
The door is coloured with OKIDO colour.

working space

kitchen with OKIDO coloured cupboard

new built loft

and huge garden.

There is big tree. They are planning to build a tree house.

that was beautiful house.

nearest station is surrounded by treeeees.

Sophie introduced new Lomography.
You can shoot 360°
I really wanna get one!


3 June 2010

animation 'CREATURES'

new animation-

better to play after loading is finished.
or watch here