27 July 2010

zine things

few things about zine.

CROWDS is now sold in MAGMA Bookshop!

and, I was showing my zines in a zine exhibition called DE ZINES in Spain. Ah not 'was' actually. It will run until the end of August.

As seeing the photos, the exhibition looks great.
Nice way of showing and beautiful space.

The catalogue looks nice too.

wanna go-

23 July 2010



A bit taller, more pages, new design!
The logo is popping out!
They are now sold at WHSmith.

This issue is about body sounds.

Inside stays usual OKIDO, but broad.

I did this spread.
Just next to Zim Zam Zoom!
I imagined, created and drew how each body sounds are made inside body.
Looks nice finally-

5 July 2010

Save Our Souls!!!

It's finally coming very soon.
Our external degree show 'Save Our Souls' will start this Thursday!

I'll exhibit a scroll, an animation, prints, and a room... many.

And there is a Sunday market on 11th.
I'll have a stall of course.

Also there is a raffle that you can win artists' prints!