21 November 2011

The Great Adventure of ELIMER the Neckarms

I've done new comic!

"The Great Adventure of ELIMER the Neckarms"

Elimer has small arms on his neck.

I've uploaded them to website as well.

Also made a comic zine of this with 4 other comics.

You can buy it here!



back cover

18 November 2011

COMICA Comiket 2011

It's a bit late but finally photos from COMICA 2011.

I lauched my new comic book "ELIMER" which was finished just in the morning of the day. 
I stayed up all night working on it...

I'll post about ELIMER later.

I joined OKIDO's table.

Maggie and Alex from OKIDO.

ZEEL and his son Orson joined us as well.

Orson was very grown up since last time I saw him and became very chatty.

People love his portrait drawing.

I was drawn then.


Below is his portrait drawing of me from last year. Wow.
These are very interesting. I want to be drawn every year.

Drawing someone's portrait at his table.

COMICA and Nobrow teamed up and organised this time.

Finally saw Richard Short whom I had contacted only on Twitter. He was at Nobrow's table.
He was a really nice guy.

Rat badge. looks like him very much.

His comic is amazing.
It's 4-panel-comic of Klaus the cat and it's just so amazing. Reminded me Tove Jansson.

This is his "KLAUS" book published by Nobrow. Very cool hard cover binding.

Got signed!

The book is available to buy here.
Also he updates his Klaus comics almost every day on his blog. Wow.

There was a live drawing screening by some comic artists / illustrators.

Luke Pearson. He was at Nobrow's table. I saw him at Birmingham Zine Festival before but this Comica was the first time to talked with him properly. He was a nice person as well.
I asked him to draw a cat for the live drawing and then he drew it for me!

His works are so great too. A big lump of talents. Amazing.

James Jarvis. It was great to see his drawing live.
He had nice M shape forehead.

There were many more people drawing. It was really interesting to see other people's drawing.
Especially the speed of moving pen varies from person. It was rare to have such an opportunity so I was very impressed.

Lizz Lunney's "Depressed Cat" was launched on the day too.
I contributed people's Depressed Cat library.


a kid

There were so many people at the fair.

I enjoyed very much!!

Depressed Cat

I contributed to Lizz Lunney's new comic book "Depressed Cat" with my Depressed Cat drawing.

Many more people did it as well. You can have a look here.

11 November 2011

Comica Comiket

I'll be at COMICA this Saturday with OKIDO magazine.

I'll do badge making workshop and also ZEEL & his son Orson will join our table and do portrait drawing.

Saturday 12 November
11.00 - 18.00

at Bishopsgate Institute
    230 Bishopsgate
    EC2M 4QH

Admission Free