20 January 2010


OKIDO issue 11 is out now!

I did 2 pages in this issue.
some little pictures on the cover and back as well.

The theme is 'Heart and Blood Circulation'.

I made lots of activities.
Amida-kuji (Ghost Leg), mouth one, ball game, spot the differences, and colouring activity.

In the Amida-kuji, you help Red Blood Cells to bring Oxygen to organs.
In the mouth activity, White Blood Cell eats germs.

As you fold the page,

It will eat.

On the edge of the back page, there will be a gutter as you fold it for front. Using it, you need to keep a red Plasticine ball (Red Blood Cell) moving between Lungs and Heart.

There were 2 stages of Amida-kuji but we had to remove it cause the page was too busy.

used to be like this.

This is a short animation as exercise for the animation project which I'm now doing.