20 March 2009

black hole

animation for D&AD Student Awards 2009.

Science Museum brief:

Capture the imagination of 8-14 year-olds by creating a short animation that takes as its starting point the bizarre, wonderful, non-existent existence of the black hole.

I drew on very small sheets of paper.
Colouring on Photoshop was a tiring work.

I uploaded the video once though, it's not allowed to show it in public yet.

17 March 2009

fact & fiction

Posters for our exhibition 'fact & fiction'.

I exhibited the sheep comic.

I like triangle one. well mixture of both Jordan and Chie.

Jon's typo is nice as well.

10 March 2009


I like Rupert bear.

His body looks completely human even though the head is animal. and size of the head is not like that of other major characters.
I like the strange unbalancedness.

Mysterious Japanese Rupert from a book in the library.

I want these.

Private View

There was a Private View of XHIBIT 09.

British Gas frame was cropped without any negotiation because the screen was HD. Does it mean I should work on 16:9 next?

The bench is nice though.