21 December 2010

30cm Elephant for Elephant Family

I painted a 30cm elephant for Elephant Family as a gift and now it needs a home in return for a donation.
(to see about them, look here)
I titled it 'Two Rooms - Sea and Desert'. Please see the photos below.

If you would like to have it home or know someone who might be interested in it, please email me or comment here. Or email them directly at info@elephantfamily.org
the money will be used to help Asian Elephants from extinction.
They would love to get £500 but are open to offers.

hope you like it.


Paul Shinn said...

That's brilliant! Wish I had a spare £500 lying around. Hope it goes to a good home...

What sort of paint did you use for this?

soju said...

Thanks Paul!

I used just acrylics.