5 March 2010

P Kids

Peter Nencini's daughters had a look at my website and gave me lovely messages!

Hello Soju,
I am 9 years old and my younger brother is 6 years old. I just looked at your work and I really like it!
I love your drawing!!!
My favourites are your comics!
From Sadie

Hi Soju.
Me, Daddy (Peter) and Sadie (my sister,up there) are all crowded around Daddy's laptop and we just looked at your amazing site. I love your drawings!
Your comics are sooooo funny. I especially love the comic where the headgear were doing things to the character; that made me laugh so much!
Love Molly (Peter's daughter, 11 years old)

I'm so happy as I imagine the kids are crowded at laptop and laughing at my comics. I'm so glad!

They said coming to our workshop at OKIDO shop.

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