9 March 2013

Drawing Everyday

After getting the start of "Drawing Everyday", one year passed.

To show everyone as well, I started posting the Elimer Comics here.
Since then, I could continue drawing everyday until recent "drawings from text".
(There was a short gap between the comics and the drawings though)

The first comic was horrible.
When I think back this one year, there have been a lot of discovery
and I feel I could develop myself even a little.
I found the importance of continuing something again.

Thanks to Mr. Nagatomo who gave me the start of this,
and everyone who look at my drawings here.
I couldn't have continued this just by myself.

I'm still gonna continue drawing everyday.
Hope you enjoy it!

(Everyday comic was too hard…)


ah yng said...

I adore your drawings! The comics were super funny too. Thank you for continuing, you did great!

soju said...

Thank you!!