7 April 2012

Photos from the exhibition "Elimer and... "

Photos from Elimer show.

The show couldn't happen without so many people's help.
Thanks to the visitors and those who were involved in it!!


Over there!

These were the exhibition.

Title board.

These are 2 original pictures done for this show.

Left one is "Elimer and Toebie", the other one on the right is "Elimer in Mushroom District".

Zines and some goods were sold as well.
Postcard set and sticker set were new for this.

Standing Elimer panel, which maybe a bit smaller than real (?).

In the next room, animations were projected on the big screen.

These are Fun art of Elimer.

Elimer pouches by Natsumi Zama

Elimer iced cookies by tefutefu

Elimer cheese burger by Hisayuki Hiranuma

Elimer chocolate by KO

Some Elimer panels on the walls.


Elimers by them.

Elimer and the visitors.

I did live drawing on the final day.
Photos of that is here.

Another sign outside.

The exhibition was curated by Stark Land. Grateful for the help!

Thank you!!

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