19 March 2011

For Japan, we've been thinking

To donate to Japan, we've been thinking what we can do for them.

Firstly, 4 young Japanese artists made badge sets and are selling them some places.
100% profits will be donated to Japan through British Red Cross.
Please visit here to see details.
Contributors are me, and

Secondly, we will have an event selling donated artworks and books by artists and publishers.
Me, Chie, Pete, Natsumi and Jordan are planning it with using our experiences of zine sales, etc.
All profits will be donated to Japan too.
Confirmed contributors so far:
and us!

Thirdly, a website Print Okushon is doing nice print auction of artists' prints for donation to Japan. I'll donate a print as well. If you are artist in UK, please donate a print. If not, please bid and buy!

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