28 October 2010

Save Our Souls

I know this was ages ago. over 3 months ago.
I was busy and lazy.
Anyway, photos of degree show.

Save Our Souls

The venue used to be a factory of tiles, huge and so many rooms.

These are mine.

Candy Floss comic and scroll.

and animation.

I was glad lots of people stopped and looked at the film.

Plus, the room made by me and Chie.
Prints and original picture of Happy Travellers and our animations.

This was seriously so hard job.

We had 3 days for hanging but the room didn't have lights and some walls, and we had to prepare them by ourselves.
Also prints of Happy Travellers 2 weren't ready then. There were so many things to do.
We were preparing until 20 mins before opening.
I can't believe we could finish it!
Many friends kindly helped us a lot. We coudn't have done without their help.
Many many thanks to those who helped us!!

OKIDO puppets on the wall of cinema next to the room.

3D's exhibition

We had a drink sponsor and free beer.

because of the beer? large number of people.

That was very successful exhibition!

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