21 September 2010

V&A Friday Late

I'm involved a bit in an event called Friday Late at V&A.

It's a part of London Design Festival.
This Friday 24, 18.30-22.00

There are various activities in the event titled Two's a Pair and I contributed an artwork for a game 'Two's a Pair, Memory Game'.

It's a memory game with big cards. The 50 pairs of A2 artworks are done by artists. if someone pair up two identical cards, the person can take one home.

I did monoprints, which is to put paper on rolled ink on glass, draw on paper and ink sticks where you draw on the back of paper.
I like this process of printing. Ink sticks outside lines unexpectedly.
I didn't have proper ink and glass so used acrylic with screen-printing medium on stretched bin bag on board. could have done.



bin bag after printing. I like this better.


I'm glad that I could be involved in V&A and also London Design Festival even a bit.

The event is in collaboration with Designersblock.

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