31 May 2010


I handed in all works on Friday. Everything is done-

It was soooo hard. like nightmare, but, anyway I've done it.

What I was doing until just before the deadline was this.

Picture scroll


Scroll usually starts from right hand side but, it is to show British people now, so it starts from left to make it easy to understand the timeline.

The artwork is 5 meters long.

I enjoyed drawing this very very much. really enjoyed.

But making it into a scroll was so hard job. There are many process, anyway, it was hard job..

I couldn't finish it without people's help.
Special thanks to Mami & Natsumi.

While finishing this, I was writing three 500-word statements.
I was exhausted but had lots of things to say, then I could have done them for 3-4 hours.
But I didn't check after writing. worry about that..

Anyway all done.
After animation's finished, I was thinking not to do the scroll once. But I feel it's finally done well. I'm pleased.

Saturday was London Zine Symposium.
Me & Chie helped ZEEL's workshop there. Kids draw at the space and he'll make zine with them.
His son Orson, Darryl and his son Noah were there as well.

Not so many kids came, but Orson spend the whole time to draw at the event.
Good boy. I like him.

hand drawn T-shirt


Orson was interviewed.
He wasn't shy, spoke a lot.

explained everything he drew.

2 pounds.

I brought badge machine.
Many people made their badges.

ZEEL badges

Good drawing posture.

Luke came and draw.

Nice, gorilla?


I like children's cheek.
Especially from this angle.

By the way, my news is now on CLEAR EDITION's website. The site looks nice. Please have a look.

And my elephant will be shown on Japanese morning tv programme. I don't know the detail though.

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