22 April 2010

CANDY FLOSS Children's Book


Children's book for Macmillan Prize.
I made a complete dummy this time.

in a box.

Instruction inside the cover.

I like to make box.
As flat materials are constructed together, it will be a very stable things.
I love such a stable object.

And as similar to that or not, when I manage something, I always need somewhere stable to depend on.
Otherwise I can't manipulate well. Is that why I like stable thing?

And so, on the other hand, I'm not good at manipulating flexible materials such as fabric.
Cause I don't know where and what extent I put force.
I like those though...

I bound it by myself as well. I like binding too.

The design is like playing cards.
If you cut them along the perfolation, the cards can be used for game. Snap or Memory game?

Also you can make different stories as changing the order.

reverse side


back cover

The story

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