11 September 2009

Visiting OKIDO

I visited OKIDO studio and show my works.

OKIDO is an art and science magazine for children of age between 2 and 7.

From left to right, Rachel Ortas (Illustrator and Creative Director), Sophie Dauvois (Editor), Alex Barrow (Illustrator and Creative Production)

Happily they liked my works and gave me an opportunity to do one page of the next issue!
The page content is already decided and is about different function of tear. They said it's very important to think that the magazine is for kids. The page should not be complicated and should be clear. It's nice to leave some space. They showed me some good samples. Those made me think that I can try a lot of method to colour such as painting directory, painting other surface then scan and combine with drawing, using texture of paper, making a gap between line and colour surface like screen-printing, etc.

OKIDO is published in a flat where Sophie, Sophie's son and Rachel are living. The space is filled with lots of Rachel's works and many lovely books and stuffs. Very relaxing space.

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